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Project Planning

All of our projects require a lot of planning. 

We plan the projects and read the blueprints to make sure everything comes out perfect.

Planning is the most important part of any project, big or small. Without planning, there could be so many problems. Planning lets us know exactly what we need to know, like the size of a certain part, or the distance from one thing to another, or even something so small but very important as the angle of a piece. Here at WG Welding Construction, we take our time to go over every single details and review it countless times to make sure we produce a perfect outcome for our customers and leave a smile and a look of amazement on their faces

Rails, Rails and More Rails!!

We are known throughout the state of Florida for our beautiful custom-made rails. it is our upmost importance to have precise mesuraments to achive perfect symmetry.

We make any type of railing that our customers want, it can be from Handrails, Stair Rails, Window Rails, you name it.

The design is our biggest mark, it can vary from Hearts to Flowers to Fancy S Shapes, and even twist the bars to make it look unique (as you can see on the top-right picture). 

We can make the rails any size or color of our customers choosing. And we guarantee customer satisfaction when the job is done. 

Fences & Gates!!

We have many different varieties of styles when it comes to our metal fences and gates. We can make simple designs to very complex and unique designs.

It doesnt matter how big or small the clients desire their fences/gates to be or how complex the design is. 

We can make 30+ different designs, if the customer knows what type of design they want they are free to tell us and we will do it.

We make sure to measure and make each bar of the fences and/or gate equally.

Fences and Gates are a very important asset for home security and safety, we assure to make the customer's home safe but also give it a nice look.



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