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WG Welding has been serving the commercial/residential market throughout Florida for over 10 years of excellence in custom design, engineering, fabrication, welding, assembly and installation of a variety of steel structures and metalworking projects.

During this time, we have endeavored to supply our customers with the highest quality at the lowest price.

Having been awarded outstanding projects for some prominent Florida customers, we have also enjoyed the great experience of providing support and service to small, non-profit organizations devoted to improving the lives of the needy.


Under a “convenient” 4,000 ft2 covered area located in central Tampa, WG Welding houses its office, warehouse, and fabrication space, consistently helping to keep minimum overhead, which in turn results in a significant, competitive edge.

Our work portfolio includes metal buildings (workshops, warehouses, sheds,...), building erection, railing (guardrails, handrails, balcony rails,...), gates, fences, stairs, ornamental metalworking, maintenance and repair of existing installations, and so on.


WG Welding carries both general liability and property insurance coverage of $1,000,000/500,000 (minimum), and is fully licensed in the State of Florida.

Additionally, we provide warranty and out-of-warranty service for all installations that we sell.


Please consider WG Welding as a qualified source when you are looking for quality and affordable solutions as we look forward to establishing a mutually profitable relationship with you.

And finally, do not hesitate to “Contact Us” for any questions you might have about our company and/or services.

Meet Our Family!

Wilfredo Garcia

President and Founder of WG Welding Construction. With Expirience of over 18+ Years, He's made all. Known throughout Florida by big Contracting companies. 

Wilfredo Started the company to leave a legacy for his children and to leave a mark in the state of Florida.





(813) 417-5462

Christopher Garcia

Project Manager/Sales Representative for WG Welding Construction.With over 5 years of expirience, he makes sure the customers always get the best deals. He's the person to get in contact with whenever people ask about how much something would cost. 





(813) 598-3489

Emanuel Garcia

Office Manager for WG Welding Construction. He knows his way around the office like the back of his hand. He makes sure that everything runs smoothly in the backround. He's also in charge of social media and website of the company. He's the one that gets in contact with everyone.


Email: e.garcia98@wgwelding.com

Lina Garcia

Treasurer of WG Welding Construction.

She has 7+ Years of being WGWC's treasurer. She makes sure that all of our financial needs are taken care of, and she works together with the office manager. She's the mother of Chris and Emanuel, and the wife of Wilfredo.

WG Welding Construction


6001 Johns Rd.

Tampa, FL 33634

Bldg# 7, Door# 9

Phone #:









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